Life Imitates Art Initiates

The Ochelli Effect 12-9-2019 Terry Tapp

Life Imitates Art Initiates

WARNING: The language in the first hour of this podcast may not be safe for work.

Digital representations of anything fall short of capturing depth in our perceptions.

Terry Tapp is a renaissance man who can assist us in navigating the realism in the multiple theaters of absurdity captured in the living canvas of today’s mediums.

Chuck and Terry discussed the interpretation and missing elements of exposition as they currently stand.

Where are the deeply disturbing narratives from the warriors in the longest standing conflict in U.S. military history?

Do death and Christmas cheer have more in common than we think? Can the truly moving aspects of everything ever be accurately communicated to a viewer that must contend with the distortion of electronic lenses as their conduit?

Terry also describes how Trophies and memorials become symbols of dishonor and honer. Not every tough guy stays tough when bullets and explosions begin to burst into existence and surround crazy-brave and the would-be strong.

Terry drops some f-bombs during the discussion.

The second hour Chuck discussed a few odds and ends about the news and updates listeners a bit about what is happening with the show and website.

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Life Imitates Art Initiates

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Life Imitates Art Initiates – The Ochelli Effect 12-9-2019 Terry Tapp