Libertarian Idiocracy Blacklist Beauty

Popcorn Politics 5-26-2020 Ted Edmonson and Chuck Ochelli

On today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Ted Edmonson and I discussed the joke that was the 2020 libertarian convention.

This convention was filled to the brim with absurd stories that I wouldn’t have believed had I not watched them unfold. Delegates consistently made motions to suspend the rules to do ridiculous things, from nominating Joe Exotic, to feeding other delegates to alligators. Yes, you read that right.

This opened up a larger discussion about how the libertarian party has gone from relatively serious policy wonks, to the party of Vermin Supreme. We posed two theories. The first is that the tea party stole libertarian-leaning voters, and brought them into the Republican fold. This is showcased by Ron Paul and Justin Amash. The other theory was that the membership of the libertarian party has slowly become more interested in protesting the system than gaining power.

This is showcased by the opposition to Gary Johnson being nominated in 2016, and choosing Bill Weld as VP.

On hour 2 of Popcorn Politics Chuck Ochelli and I discussed the NBC show, The Blacklist.

The premise is as follows “For decades, ex-government agent Raymond Reddington has been one of the globe’s most wanted fugitives. But then he agreed to work with the FBI to catch his “blacklist” of mobsters, spies, and international terrorists — on the condition that he must work with profiler Elizabeth Keen. Red’s true intentions — choosing Liz, a woman with whom he seemingly has no connection — are unclear. Red promises to teach Liz to think like a criminal “to see the bigger picture,” whether she wants to or not.”

This show is a mystery box that weaves interpersonal mysteries with global conspiracies. The supporting cast brings their secrets and skeletons to the story, allowing for a story that is always fresh.

Libertarian Idiocracy Blacklist Beauty – Popcorn Politics 5-26-2020 Ted Edmonson and Chuck Ochelli

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