Liberal Versus Conservative Views Test

The Ochelli Effect 2-5-2018 Joseph Green

Pick a side , Pick a side ! It seems to be the actual American pastime. Are identity politics empowering or divisive ? Tonight we discuss the liberal side of quantitative psychology with return guest Joseph Green. Joe is an author and philosopher who just happens to stand on the left side of the paradigm line , Sort Of … Progressive Thinker Joe Green attempts to sort through Chuck’s allegedly Liberal Views alongside deconstructing the current political climate in the context of the post-assassination era of the late 60s. Pick a side , Pick a side ! You may not get all your answers here , but thoughts should be provoked throughout. We also get a new feature as UNCLE (Of ) files his first sports REPORT for the Ochelli Effect. Joe Green is an interesting author with a keen interest in the JFK assassination , though Chuck and Joe haven’t really focused on that subject in this show or others they have done together.

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Faith Harper has co-authored work with Joe Green but has done a voluminous amount of work in her own field independent of that work as well. Learn More about Dr.Harper here >>>

Liberal Versus Conservative Views Test

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 Liberal Versus Conservative Views Test