Les Miserables New York State

Popcorn Politics 3-16-2021 Brian Kramer and Nora

Les Miserables New York State

On today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Brian Kramer and I discussed the ongoing drama in Iowa’s Second Congressional District, the filibuster, and Governor Andrew Cuomo, among other topics.

In Iowa’s second district, Democrat Rita Hart, who was defeated by 6 votes decided to take her challenge of the state-certified results to the House of Representatives. This move is perplexing for many reasons, the first is, as I mentioned, that the state of Iowa certified the results.

The race went through a recount and all available legal challenges except going to the state’s Supreme Court. Why this wasn’t done is something only Hart’s team could tell us. That said, it’s a bad look to call Trump an insurrectionist for trying to overturn state-certified elections while doing exactly that.

We also delve into whether Andrew Cuomo will resign after every major NY politician called for it. Spoiler alert: He won’t.

In hour 2, Nora and I discuss 2012’s Les Misérables.

This movie is controversial for many reasons, but particularly its music. The music wasn’t recorded in a studio but on set, live. This style of recording was and remains unique for musical films, and I think has mixed but overall positive results here.

The performances and directing save what I’d argue is a very uneven story. Yes, even Russell Crowe is quite good, in my opinion. The stand-out performance belongs to Eddie Redmayne though. His character is the source of many of my issues with the film, but Redmayne’s performance is so good that I can forgive the story as long as I get more songs like Empty Chairs at Empty Tables or Russell Crowe’s Stars.

This film is a journey that sometimes feels bloated, but you’ll never be bored, and if you’re like me, you’ll get a lot out of this. We discuss this and more. Enjoy!

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Les Miserables New York State

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