Lee Oswald KGB Connection

The Ochelli Effect 9-26-2019 Carmine Savastano

Lee Oswald KGB Connection

Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly went to the Soviet Embassy in late September 1963. One of the Soviets he supposedly made contact with was Valeriy Vladimirovich Kostikov. Little was known about his role, but early assassination investigators claimed that Kostikov was likely part of the feared Department 13 assassination unit of the KGB.

A potential meeting between an enemy spy and the future Assassin of JFK has been part of many narratives among Conspiracy and Lone Nut Theorists for decades.

How much is known about the central figure in the story? Is there enough information and logic to make the alleged meeting a significant piece in the JFK Assassination puzzle?

According to the generally known narrative Oswald had applied for a visa to allow him to visit Cuba and had enquired about obtaining a visa to visit the Soviet Union. During this, he met and spoke by telephone to Valeriy Kostikov, a Soviet diplomat who was strongly suspected of being an agent attached to the KGB’s Department 13, which was in charge of assassinations and sabotage. Was this likely? Has anyone ever questioned the timeline and all things that must be true for Lee’s short visit to Mexico?

Carmine and Chuck discuss what is known and what makes sense regarding the elusive Russian agent and his possible meeting with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Lee Oswald KGB Connection

(Carmine’s Notes)
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(Chuck’s Notes)

Lee Oswald KGB Connection

Carmine Savastano

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