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The Ochelli Effect 11-5-2018 Stuttering John and Ted Metz

We kick off the broadcast week with something completely different. Every show we do is meant to educate and enlighten. What can we learn from Stuttering John and Ted Metz? Chuck credits John as being one of the many people that inspire courage among those that have different quirks in their abilities. Ted can teach us many other things.

Stuttering John Melendez calls into The Ochelli Effect. “Easy for You to Say” is his new book. The story within tells the story of a guy who developed his own lane on the entertainment highway.

In the book, John chronicles his unique career path which continues to evolve. Chuck explains what he learned from John as a fan of The Howard Stern show. John was called “Hero Of The Stupid” and he owns it in his way just as he does his stuttering. On the private side, he has also been a mentor for kids that share his issues.

Remember this is also the same guy who prank called the President. Chuck and John talk about some of the experiences John has had and the people he came to know.

After a short break, Ted Metz returns the night before the election to discuss the many issues facing Georgia Voters, and all Americans. Ted also informs us about the reality beyond the hype regarding recent controversies in Georgia revolving around Voter, and voting scandals.

Ted is the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Georgia. Hemp, Business, and the one-party landscape of politics are all discussed over the extended hour and fifteen-minute discussion. The Ochelli Effect wishes Ted well on election day and we will do our best to continue covering what is really happening in the game of politics that some play with dark money sponsors and others play for keeps.

Laugh Out Loud Speak Clearly

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Laugh Out Loud Speak Clearly -The Ochelli Effect 11-5-2018 Stuttering John and Ted Metz