Last Jedi First Order Covid19

Popcorn Politics 3-17-2020 Ferric and Mature Maturity

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Last Jedi First Order Covid19

(Notes From Dylan)

In this episode of Popcorn Politics, my guest Ferric and I discuss the CoronaVirus and how it affects US politics. We batted around possible scenarios and how this could affect both the primary and Trump’s reelection.

There was agreement that this could very easily help Trump, but if the timing and economic effects are felt in November, we agreed that Trump is almost certainly doomed. We also discussed possible solutions being sent around the halls of Congress. Specifically, Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton’s $1000 check to every American, and Kamala Harris’ $500 a month to families of 4.

We questioned how effective these solutions would be considering the economy is shut down due to fear of contamination, not lack of financial capital. Moratoriums on evictions, foreclosures, rent, and utility payments were another topic of discussion.

Outside the CoronaVirus, we discussed why Sanders chooses to remain in a primary he’s been mathematically eliminated from winning.

Last Jedi First Order Covid19 – Popcorn Politics 3-17-2020 Ferric and Mature Maturity

In hour two, my guest, Mature, and I discussed a virus of a different type, Star Wars The Last Jedi. This segment was different from normal, this is an incredibly controversial film, and my guest and I had different viewpoints.

I took the stance that the film is underrated and gets too much hatred. My guest disliked the film. Particularly, we debated the portrayal of Luke Skywalker. I thought that the portrayal was subversive but still true to the character, my guest thought that it undid Luke’s arc from Return of the Jedi.

Snoke’s death was another point of contention. I took the stance that his death fit the theme of characters coming into their own, but that in the context of an overall trilogy, it was a curious decision. We also debated the use of Finn, Rose, Poe, and discussed the almost universally panned, Las Vegas planet.

Last Jedi First Order Covid19

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