Last Air Bending Biden Pending

Popcorn Politics 7-28-2020 Joe Sandberg and Luka

Last Air Bending Biden Pending

(begin Dylan’s Notes)

On today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, my guest, Joe Sanberg, and I discuss the various economic stimulus proposals and how they do/don’t meet the needs of the average person.

We go over the split in what politicians are proposing and what would be adequate.

The political implications of an economic downturn would be catastrophic for incumbent Republicans, they should be pushing for increased stimulus unlike anything seen before, but they aren’t. The consensus among elected officials is that people don’t need $600 a week, which is ludicrous; $600 a week wasn’t enough to survive before this, and the most generous plan that has hope of passing would reduce that to $400 a month.

In a country where 32% of homeowners missed their payment last month, $400 a month isn’t even close to enough to make up the difference.

In hour 2, my friend Luka joins me to discuss Avatar The Last Airbender.

Avatar holds a special place in my heart because it’s the cartoon that showed me that cartoons could be great. The character arcs that populate this story are incredible and iconic.

Most among these is Prince Zuko, abandoned by his father, he resolves himself to capture the Avatar, our protagonist, to reclaim his birthright. He’s stuck in his father’s shadow with no way out in his sight until he changes perspectives. Contrasting that with our protagonist Aang, who has the weight of the world thrust on him, and as any child would, flees.

This show never shied away from taking their characters to emotional extremes. The world-building and scenarios are also incredibly unique. The societies that were created are fantastic and allow for interesting political themes like imperialism and totalitarianism to be explored in the context of a children’s cartoon on Nickelodeon.

Joseph Sanberg: @JosephNSanberg on Twitter

(end Dylan’s Notes)

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July 31, 2020

Last Air Bending Biden Pending

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