Lacey Samantha intimacy interrupted

The Ochelli Effect 11-14-2019 Damaged Recording

Lacey Samantha intimacy interrupted

This recording was damaged. Please let us know if you think this show needs a redux. Chuck recorded a few minutes the day after to make the podcast run the full two hours.

Chuck did a solo Thursday show that spent little time on the news of the latest school shooting and verbal notes on the Wednesday show.

Most of this podcast contains a story from Chuck’s life that will not be contained in his book.

This story is much less dark than the previous stories and focuses on a period in the 1990s when a single musician had a short-lived relationship begin and end under unlikely circumstances.

Lacey Samantha played an interesting role during a troubled chapter in Chuck’s life that is hard to describe. Is there a lesson in this narrative? Might there be many lessons one could learn by listening to this story?

Sometimes things begin in unexpected ways and end in even more surprising manners. You never know what may come of any relationship, no matter what the rest of the world may see from the outside or how long it lasts. Sometimes going with the flow results in positive outcomes one can not willfully plan.

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Lacey Samantha intimacy interrupted

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Lacey Samantha intimacy interrupted – The Ochelli Effect 11-14-2019 Damaged Recording