Kitchen Sinks Horrible Drinks

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle 4-2-2021 No Callers

Kitchen Sinks Horrible Drinks

AOT 311

One of these days the Maryland state flag is going to be canceled, but in the meantime listen to this podcast that explains why there is a bear on the California state flag.

topics include: California state flag, bear, Callisto, mother bear, symbolism, fertility, alchemy, occult, astronomy, Orange County, Saint Germain, cults, fraternal orders, secret societies, philosophy, historical figures, CUT in Malibu

UTP 220

Uncle tests another doozy of a dollar store drink. Chuck suggests warning the audience of the next upcoming drink ahead of time so they can play along on a future Friday night broadcast.

topics include: dollar store drinks, Swirl cake-flavored malt liquor, chat room, live stream, moderating comments


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Kitchen Sinks Horrible Drinks

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