king’s legacy remains incomplete

The Ochelli Effect 4-5-2018 Carmine Savastano and Garland Brown

king’s legacy remains incomplete

This Thor’s Day Carmine Savastano joins Chuck along with educator Garland Brown to discuss the actual impact of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Legacy. One day after 50 years have passed since his death Chuck and Garland begin talking about the greater context of MLK in light of the shallow representation granted him in most media. Slavery, The Reality of Civil rights conflicts in the 60’s and current circumstances the Black community are confronted by are all discussed in an unscripted and unvarnished fashion. Is there a different conversation that must be had in the southern states than the northern? Does popular culture reflect reality? What is gangsta about letting your pants sag like a prisoner in a county jail that has a broken string on their scrubs? What measure of courage is required to engage with violent enemies using the tactics of non-violence? How does someone with knowledge begin the process of enlightening young people about Dr. King? What can be done to further his work? What about “The rise of the black messiah”?Can we all do better?


It is not enough to merely observe Dr. King’s death and the tragedy of what could have been. We must also reckon with his life and never forget the lessons he gave his blood for. In fact, think there is still not much to be done would be to do a great disservice to him and the many people that gave of themselves for the future we inhabit. We must be sure that progress is never stopped, so the future yet to come may indeed resemble His Dream, and beyond.

king’s legacy remains incomplete

READ A CHAPTER OF KILLING KING BY Larry Hancock and Stu Wexler:


king’s legacy remains incomplete: The Ochelli Effect 4-5-2018

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