King Rook Knight Bishop Pawns

The Ochelli Effect 1-20-2020 Terry Tapp

King Rook Knight Bishop Pawns

On this particular Moon Day, it just happens to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the country formerly known as America. Dr. King is an important figure in history.

Beyond the observance of a single day by the federal government and the superficial example of the “I Have A Dream” speech Martin is also too often cited as a “dreamer”. He spoke of many issues and causes that were not being addressed in his day and remain problematic for many today. More than dreaming, Dr. King took action and sought to inspire action that aspired to provoke changes in all people.

Chuck reads a lesser-known but rather interesting speech MLK delivered ten days shy of one year his assassination on April 4, 1968. This speech reveals some progress made from its time and how some progress many seem to accept as real is nothing more than a deception of what was and is public superficiality today. The speech may not have been read well, there were some errors and it was not smoothe. The ideas and points should have survived the reading. If you wish to hear the speech as it was originally delivered, there is a link below this text for you to see and hear it for yourself.

In the second hour, Terry Tapp continued the conversation and offered his commentary on Dr. King. Terry covered many other subjects during his hour.

Both Chuck and Terry spoke about the legacy of Dr. King in their ways.

King Rook Knight Bishop Pawns


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King Rook Knight Bishop Pawns – The Ochelli Effect 1-20-2020 Terry Tapp