king dreams broken boulevard

The Ochelli Effect 4-4-2018 Aaron Franz Chuck Solo

First Hour Chuck scans the news and delivers som,e headlines and commentary. It is exactly fifty years since the day Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered by assassins in Memphis Tennesee. 1968 was a rather violent year in American history. Chuck tries to provide context for the time and a bit more. Aaron Franz joins us and discusses some of his ideas related to MLK and society in general. Chuck and Aaron discuss at length Planet California keeping in mind the recent news that Russian Agent Orange AKA Donald Trump is deploying the National Guard to allegedly keep the “Bad Ambres” and drugs out along with the caravans of foreign invaders his base thinks are here to take their jobs. If your IQ is above room teperature, you may know that drugs and the undocumented actually arrive much more to the United States via just about any other pipeline aside from the U.S./Mexico boarder. Why let reality get in the way of a good right wing paranoi taking point?  king dreams broken boulevard .Does art imitate reality , or is it twiting it?> Does the Liar-In-Cheif actually matter? Does the King Assassination carry any wait after half a century? Are We learning anything? BRING IT ON !

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king dreams broken boulevard

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king dreams broken boulevard

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king dreams broken boulevard

The Ochelli Effect 4-4-2018 Aaron Franz and Chuck Solo