Keystone Keynote Sword Stories

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The Age Of Transitions and Uncle 8-28-2020 Zach Miller – Dr. Dog

Keystone Keynote Sword Stories

AoT #284

The keynote speaker at the RNC gave a surprise scripted speech but was sure to pile on plenty of anti-China sentiment for his fans. There appears to be a war going on, and it is mostly taking place in the virtual sphere. We should all look to emerging technologies, especially artificial intelligence, as a major driving factor in this conflict.

topics include: bonus podcasts, Donald Trump RNC speech, the US enlightening the world, stick to the script, America first, doublethink, peace through violence, defense spending, Neocon ideology, anti-China sentiment, artificial intelligence, machine learning, technological revolution, AI-powered influence campaigns, propaganda, micro-targeting demographics, big data, Twitter as a consciousness sensor, analytics, creating viral content, YouTube videos, digital life, Kyle Rittenhouse, influencers, International Business Machines, computer files, Zach Miller, Dr. Dog, online echo chambers, social media, evolutionary psychology, media selectively crafts narrative

Utp #191

Uncle talks to Desert Man Zach Miller, and later tells us all about his Reflex sword show. What a life it would be, as a member of a nomadic sword clan at war with Knights Templars.

topics include: guest on the line, Zach Miller, Dr. Dog, life before Corona Virus, New Year’s Revolution coming soon, Pat Finnerty, Dave Grohl, music, swords, Pure Blades, Netflix series about swords, knights, nomadic clans, Knights Templar, beheadings, men and women is separate tents, Birdman, Wesley Willis drawings, Atlantic City tongue keyboard player, Suicide Kings, computer files, bastard file, Robin in Vancouver, Dennis Leary, Neuralink, Elon Musk

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Keystone Keynote Sword Stories

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