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The Age Of Transitions and Uncle 5-1-2020 Dad Shit and Spent Kent

Kent Spent Dad Crap Podcasts

(Notes from Aaron)

AoT #271

On this very special May Day, Aaron decides to consecrate the live show.

topics include: religion, religious activity, seeking truth, spirit, pagandom, nature, sage, sense of smell, memory, live show Friday nights, cycles, institutions of religion, theocracy, architecture, leaves carved in masonry, mineral vegetable animal kingdoms, government buildings, Classical architecture, evolution, pantheons, Tron, mist, mysticism, four elements

Utp #177

The dads of Dad Sh*t podcast join Uncle (the broadcast). Dave and Justin bring their dad’s knowledge to the show.

topics: aliases, audio levels, Columbus OH, not cussing, old memories, H E double hockey sticks, CCAD, ranch dressing, Ohio cooking, pizza, Covid19, Inland Empire, the cabin in the desert, cannabis, bonsai trees, New Jersey, Dave’s 11-year-old diet, bacon, Papa Johns, playing guitar in White Castle, Aaron’s old videos, Bum Wine Bob, MD20/20, cost of living in Ohio, The Afghans, 10 Gauge band, Washington DC, dorm security guard, ice, concussions, Satanism in Central Ohio, religion, Knights of Columbus, Catholicism, podcasting, shout outs

Kent Spent Dad Crap Podcasts – The Age Of Transitions and Uncle 5-1-2020 Dad Shit and Spent Kent

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