Kennedy Execution Baker Demolition Part Two

The Ochelli Effect 5-10-2019 Walt Brown

Like last Friday the assassination of JFK was the primary focus on The Ochelli Effect. Walt Brown Ph.D. came back to discuss 11-22-63 and much more.

Listener feedback got the ball rolling for the conversation. Chuck and Walt discuss the progression of paradigm shaping events that carried The United States and the rest of the world through the eras of WW2, The Cold Wars early years, and the President striving for peace in 1963 surrounded by “hawks”.

Walt also talked about adventures in publishing, asking friends for pictures, laser tag years in the JFK Research community. There are a few package deals you can get of Walt’s work(See Below).

In the second-hour listener questions kept the discourse flowing and we received a LIVE call-in from the infamous “Bpeote”. discussions of the U2, Lee Oswald’s value as a Patsy, and the non-witness to history Judy Baker dominated most of the remaining time. Chuck also got to put the question to Walt that is always asked of him as a guest on other shows when he is invited to discuss the JFK Assassination.

Chuck all of Dr. Brown’s work with a special emphasis on The Kennedy Execution, Judyth Vary Baker: In Her Own Words. and The Master Chronology of the JFK Assassination.

Kennedy Execution Baker Demolition Part Two

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Judyth Vary Baker
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The Kennedy Execution
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Kennedy Execution Baker Demolition Part Two

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Kennedy Execution Baker Demolition Part Two – The Ochelli Effect 5-10-2019 Walt Brown