Keep Walking Dropping Plates

The Ochelli Effect 3-29-2021 Hesher

Keep Walking Dropping Plates

Chuck did a face plant in public but left no bones broken. Hesher and Chuck did a fully unscripted 2 hours.

Drug Wars and the culture in the shadows took up most of the conversation in the first hour. Chuck briefly discussed his planned episodes with Captain Tripps about Magic Mushrooms.

Do you trip like I do? What is a drug? Pusher Intelligence is a bit deeper than most people seem to think. When the planet cultivates things is works out better than when Big Pharma does it’s black magic.

What disturbs you about commercial propaganda? Is Hello Kitty Bent? Is the alleged new normal remotely normal? Is heroin really a bad thing?

Should the Cursed Earth be the home of the majority while Smart MegaCity gets all the juice? Is a War on The Poor the largest undeclared conflict in the unending cycle of Elite Domination?

Jimi Hendrix, , died at Samarkand Hotel in London on September 18. 1970. He was 27 years old.

Cause of death: Asphyxia due to aspiration to vomit, contributed to by barbiturate intoxication.

His last words were “I need help bad, man”.



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Keep Walking Dropping Plates

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