Kavanaugh hearing beer

The Ochelli Effect 10-3-2018 Regular Joe and NO CALLERS

Regular Joe joins us on a W Odin’s Day to attempt to make sense of the static noise in the most recent reaction fueled news-cycle.

The sexual assault allegation recently lodged against Kavanaugh is the tip of the putrid iceberg regarding the greasy saga.

Reasonable Ethical behavior is no longer in style.

After a week of political whiplash, for those triggered we will get the signal and the noise.

Regular Joe and Chuck both attempt to give make-overs to pigs as they explore what is the greatest show currently on earth.

Kavanaugh’s angry attempt to marginalize Blasey Ford’s testimony as a partisan attack was the best evidence yet that he does not have the judicial temperament to serve on the Supreme Court, or as a judge at any level. Does it matter to the establishment? Not really says Ochelli.

Why do cows march and clap for the butchers who will slaughter them at will? Ask everyone still faithfully invested in the Left/Right Paradigm as if it actually loves them back.

How did a SCOTUS nomination become a referendum on how to address allegations of sexual assault? Does any of this appear to be the behavior of adults? Perhaps it is more akin to children in unsupervised playgrounds. Either way, it’s still bad.

Is this what the American people really want, the destruction of a respect?

Only a fool would expect courage and integrity.

Kavanaugh hearing beer

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Kavanaugh hearing beer – The Ochelli Effect 10-3-2018 Regular Joe and NO CALLERS