Juggalos Against Trump Woot Woot

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The Age Of Transitions and Uncle Released 2-21-2020

Juggalos Against Trump Woot Woot

AoT #263

Murdacloak is the man behind the Instagram, Juggalos Against Trump, and the special guest on this episode of The Age of Transitions podcast. Those who know Juggalos know enough to expect the unexpected. This interview is a prime example of this principle, and a fun conversation about the insane clown show that is politics today.

topics include: Juggalo, ICP, lyrics, Gathering of the Juggalos 2018 OKC, Oklahoma, police presence, 2019 Columbus OH, Midwest, California, President Donald Trump, racism, Juggalos For Trump, Juggalo ideology, losing sight of the message, Carnival of Carnage, economic inequality, Walmart, MAGA hats, Montana, demonization of the poor, Republican Party base, Bernie Sanders, social media, political debate at GOTJ, Juggalo Night Court, Native American Reservation, Salish Tribe, life on the Res, the projects, nature, discrimination, civility, Instagram

Utp #170

Murdacloak, of the Instagram Juggalos Against Trump, joins the show to talk about the 2020 presidential election.

topics include: Instagram, Juggalo, Donald Trump, ICP, Democrats, Ronald Reagan, business, confusion, register as Independent, Primary Election, 2000 election, West Palm Beach FL, health care, Uncle’s Teeth, MIC, war is over, Bernie Sanders, new debate strategies, free country, convincing people to vote against Trump, rebellious image of Trump, children voting like parents, lies, fake news, real problems of media, new to politics, Home Depot, building a house, Corporate America

Juggalos Against Trump Woot Woot

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Juggalos Against Trump Woot Woot – The Age Of Transitions and Uncle Released 2-21-2020