Judge Kavanaugh for yourself

The Ochelli Effect 10-2-2018 Michael Swanson and JP Sottile

In hour one Mike Swanson tells us about many important pieces of news getting ignored while the country observes a debacle in the Senate.

What has changed since the last bursting bubble wrecked the economy? Wall Street Window

In his last decision before his Supreme Court nomination, Brett Kavanaugh sided with the CIA, along with being instrumental in torture policy, The Patriot Act, and The Lewinsky inquiry, it seems like many questions should have been raised.

What is the status of Gold and Chinese currency in the latest US Dollar paradigm?

Is there a difference in the structure of The American Empire compared to Imperial Colonial powers that existed before?

Everyone Watches The Judge and Doctor Ford, but they are missing the forest for the trees.

Judge Kavanaugh for yourself

Hour two, Jp Sottile talks about how lips service through an FBI investigation may not do very much.

Trump is a liar, big shock. Cheating taxes may not be a big deal, but why do those that are getting most crushed by people like Trump and the system now support Trump and the system?

Meanwhile, The creature for the White lagoon, gets defended as Russia’s agent orange mocks the account of a woman claiming she was attacked, and they cheer in Mississippi.

The Newsvandal tries to make sense of all this and Chuck sees some interesting patterns emerging.

The only young men The right and The Elites are concerned about being wrongly accused of terrible things don’t seem to include “The Central Park Five”, Is it just because they were not white?

So daddy had to keep bailing Donnie out, and one wonders if that’s just like those times GHWB bailed out W as he failed his way to the top in the American Empire?

So the revolting revolt is still not hitting the streets.

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Judge Kavanaugh for yourself


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deep state control mechanism MAGA in full effect while you Judge Kavanaugh for yourself