Jordan Maxwell Jeffrey Matte

The Ochelli Effect 4-20-2021 Jeffrey Matte and Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell Jeffrey Matte

I decided to release this show in its full length. It is more than two and a half hours long.

JORDAN MAXWELL/Laughlin UFO Mega conference 2020 Jordan Exposes The Illuminati


We have no government… we have no freedoms we are slaves and property.

Allodial Title is a topic I recommend all investigate… What proof do we have that the American people own the land we live on?,and%20defense%20of%20the%20land.

The United States is a Federal Corporation, not the Constitutional Republic

Here is a link to help support my opinion in sections 14 and 15… It doesn’t say the Unites states is a constitutional Republic but instead a Federal Corporation. Here is the quote and source below.
“State” means any of the several States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, or any territory or possession of the United States.
(15)“United States” means—
a Federal corporation;

Also when we discuss that possibly the majority of all intelligence doesn’t know who they work for… It’s not the American people it’s the UN… Here is a visual example of what I mean.

Here are some of the sources I used to help paint this picture about where the majority of the COVID 19 policy and business model is coming from.

John Hopkins and SPARS Epidemic 2025-2028

This is a theoretical scenario that leads me to the next document and seems to almost mirror what is happening today with COVID 19 scenario.

Here is the second document I was referring to and is from John Hopkins as well but on Page 2 here is a quote I found of interest.

“This report was commissioned by and prepared for the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board.”

I looked into this as well and came across this document prepared by the GPMB.

The GPMB is a WHO (World Health Organization) basically the UNITED NATIONS.. but where is this really coming from? After more digging, I came across The Wellcome Trust and this document below shows a link between the GPMB /UN and the foreign privately-owned Wellcome Trust… as a major source for all the think tank /policy-based material that is issued and follows the chain back to John Hopkins.

and here is the original one I found that linked my research.

Here is a quote from Page 2. “Background At the request of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB), the Wellcome Trust has developed this report as a contribution to the development of the Board’s first annual report.”

So all this info is to help people understand where a large chunk of the COVID19 policy and chaos is coming from. A collapse will ensue at some point and we will know what Build Back Better is really all about… A Social Credit System will be forced upon all life on earth except for the super-elite and will govern all life on earth in a privately owned and publicly funded way. The test was China…… Again the Chinese people do not have their own government and the CCP is the UN. CNN talks about it here at this link and you need to see the little video to her the CNN anchor says that for the very first time the UN joins them as China… AS CHINA… not with China not for China not in support of China… AS CHINA……

Almost all governments around the world have a federal government… It’s one system, not 200 plus countries… It’s one system…

This led me to my conversation with Jordan Maxwell and his monumental work on the Dawn of the New day and its connection to World Communism and a Solar cult…

Hence the Corona Virus pandemic and other symbols of this cult may not be as evident.

and other Solar cult programs like Solar Winds to assist those in charge.

I also wish to thank Jordan Personally for his lifelong sacrifice to educate the human family and unlock an ancient mystery. Jordan Maxwell in my opinion is one of the most important men of our time and plays a critical role in possibly the greatest reformation of all time for our species if we survive the ongoing Social Cataclysm.

My website is If you click on MORE on the top right scroll to the last page for contact if you wish to reach me.

Thank you Chuck for your integrity and professionalism and for allowing me to be on your network and with a legend like Jordan Maxwell.

Jeffrey’s Work is best viewed at:

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