Jordan Maxwell Astrotheology Episode Two

The Ochelli Effect 5-27-2019 Jordan Maxwell

On Monday Chuck and Jordan continued the discussion on Astrotheology. Expanding on the lessons most people are familiar with regarding the teachings of the New Testament requires the understanding of encoded truths revealed in the study of Astrotheology.

Chuck also asked Jordan about the concept of teaching. The Christ figure is a teacher. The Sun and the Son transmit knowledge and light. Is this a mystical transaction? Is there occult significance in the process of enlightenment? The esoteric exchanges between light and water that happen at nearly every moment must be considered by men, who are of water and may only have a chance to learn in the light of day.

Battling darkness is also discussed as a practice and a practical endeavor.

Jordan Maxwell Astrotheology Episode Two

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Very few listener questions were used during this discussion. Please feel free to comment, give feedback and ask questions related to Astrotheology via e-mail ( or in the live chatroom. Let’s make this series great together.

Jordan Maxwell Astrotheology Episode Two

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Jordan Maxwell Astrotheology Episode Two – The Ochelli Effect 5-27-2019 Jordan Maxwell