Jordan Maxwell Astrotheology Episode One

The Ochelli Effect 5-20-2019 Jordan Maxwell

After the end of the Special Dogmatic Theology Series Jordan and Chuck agreed to begin a new. This series will focus on Astrotheology.

The foundations of the Christian faith appear to be contained in metaphors told through the New and Old Testaments. Is the narrative constructed to tell the greatest story that has been told many times over in many religious orders? Is your bible simply an astrological guide? Are there many codes within that explain not only what is above, but also that which is below?

Jordan Maxwell has explained the significance of this topic for decades. This series began with the most logical star in the sky to discuss, The Sun. The light of the world, unless it rises no life flourishes. The seasons, months of the year, the planets, and the coming and passing ages can all be observed once an objective understanding of the encoded information is deciphered.

We will take questions during this series as we have in the past, but this is fully driven by the direction Jordan wishes to take it in. Understanding The true nature of these symbols is the key to the story of authority, superstition, and ethics in much of the western world.

This is by no means an attack on Christians or Christianity as a philosophy it is actually an expansion of integrity for a story that is not a historical record but a universal truth.

Jordan Maxwell Astrotheology Episode One

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Jordan Maxwell Astrotheology Episode One

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Jordan Maxwell Astrotheology Episode One – The Ochelli Effect 5-20-2019 Jordan Maxwell