Joker Peanut Butter Sandwich

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Themes and Memes Plus Uncle LIVE 11-29-2019

Joker Peanut Butter Sandwich

Strange week.

T&M 57

Adam and Aaron return to do a review of Joker. This is a different sort of comic book movie to be sure. What sort of social commentary is this film trying to make? What esoteric themes are there? These questions and more are discussed on this episode of Themes & Memes.

topics include: incels, domestic terrorism, comic book movies, Scorsese, Gotham City, social unrest, poverty, mental illness, anti hero, DC cinematic universe, Tim Burton Batman movie, Dark Knight, Robert De Niro, relationships with media, psychology, psychosis, rite of passage, becoming a man, depression, Wayne family, the Fool, ritual, symbolism, manic run, journey for truth, violence, color, angry mob, creation and destruction, chaos, fire

Uncle 160

Uncle is back to the live show after a couple of weeks away. He does a fine job of remembering what to talk about on the broadcast.

topics include: live show, Joker movie, Peanut Butter Falcon, New Years resolutions, Thanksgiving

Joker Peanut Butter Sandwich

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Joker Peanut Butter Sandwich – Themes and Memes Plus Uncle LIVE 11-29-2019