Joe Says Why Not Trump

The Ochelli Effect 8-19-2020 Dean Henderson and Regular Joe

Joe Says Why Not Trump

Dean Henderson has not been on the show for a while. Has Dean’s worldview changed in recent years? The internet is a weapon and gives the powers that should not be enough time all communication will be and has been weaponized. Are all organic movements doomed to be hijacked by establishment assets? Have you considered kicking your anti-social media habits?

His website was taken down and we figure Youtube will scrub this conversation soon. Check out Dean’s work on before he is taken down there. How is Dean dealing with COVID19?

Regular Joe knocked Chuck completely off balance. Glenn Viklund was supposed to be the guest in the second hour.

Is there any chance 2020 is the year the American Titanic snaps in half and sinks? Is voting all you can do? What would happen if THEY canceled Christmas?

Regular Joe on TWITTER:

Chuck is glad his listeners are still able to think critically. Stick with us and we’ll see if we can survive the next few months together.

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Joe Says Why Not Trump

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