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The Ochelli Effect 11-27-2018 Regular Joe and JP Sottile

Michael Swanson will return to his regular spot next week.

In the first hour, Chuck has a general conversation with his friend Regular Joe. Are the gods all crazy or just the people who worship them? What’s wrong and right with the generations after X?

Have you ever noticed some people claiming to fight tyranny would much even more oppressive than the regime they are allegedly battling? Joe joined Twitter and he isn’t sure he will stay joined.

Racism seems so American it must be apple pie. National identities are actually the least logical motives for conflict. How white can one guy get? Joe discovered some other Ochelli Effect listeners may not be quite as insane as his neighbors are.

Joe recommended a few authors. Chuck revealed that he dated albino women. An hour disappeared without effort because two friends were just having a chat.

JP Sottile returned to remind Chuck of the madness in the news feeds. Russian collusion and the Stone cold strategy of dirty pool swirled around the conversation.

Russian Agent Orange DJT has continued doing his job as a frontman for his deep state allies while his minions and handlers in the theatre of politically driven absurd conspiracy business keep the MSM in business.

It’s the oil stupid! How is that whole American Dream thing working out for you? Is the MAGA frontman running a con that will pay off? If so, Then for who? Hint From the Late George Carlin, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it”.


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