Oswald Mexico City JFK

Osawld Mexico City JFK

The Ochelli Effect with Carmine Savastano and Bill Simpich 8-10-2017


Oswald Mexico City JFK assassination 1963
Chuck thinks Oswald may never have even been near the foreign diplomatic outposts in Mexico. Given how close it was to the assassination of JFK the evidence demands a deeper investigation.[TITLE] JFK Oswald Mexico City Strangeness
Authors Bill Simpich and Carmine Savastano help Chuck understand the evidence.
Lee Harvey Oswald was a double defector.
In 1963 weeks before the Assassination of JFK Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly makes a trip to Mexico City where he allegedly interacts with the Cuban and Soviet Consulates / embassies. Strangeness?
Investigations , multiple clasims and counter-claims about this remain to this day.
Public perception of Oswald, as a Cuban and Russian sympathizer
Oswald in Mexico City is a troubling tale no matter where one might stand on the assassination of JFK.
Lee Harvey Oswald was a left wing US marine. Strangeness?
The deeper you dig into this, it gets stranger and stranger
The NSA may still have custody of evidence regarding Oswald in Mexico City.
Apparently photographs of Oswald in Mexico City exist, but they have never been released, the documents have been reclassified.
Did someone impersonate Oswald on the phone, and photos?
The “Mystery Man Photos” are frankly NOT Oswald.
Oswald made big scenes in the Cuban and Soviet embassy’s, if indeed it was Oswald.
Phone calls have never been heard publicly, and there is controversy over weather they have been destroyed or not.
Those who transcribed them were interviewed by the HSCA.
Oswald did not speak Spanish, but one of the calls was in Spanish.
Questionable documentation on JFK assassination , Oswald in Mexico City , and many other deep political topics.[GOOD ANALYSIS FROM CHUCK AROUND 40 MINS] Strangeness?
A lot of ball dropping by the US government
There is a total lack of evidence for a case against Oswald.
and there is no way to present strong evidence to support the idea that Oswald did what they say he did in Mexico city.
If there was proof that Oswald did all what they said he did in Mexico City, then why would they not show it?
More document to be released on JFK case in next three months, they have been secret since 1963.
Bill tells us about the problem with Oswald’s ‘membership’ cards
The Lopez Report. Made efforts to unearth evidence of Oswald in Mexico City. Strangeness?
No records have been found of Oswald being a member of the communist party, or the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.
He manufactured his own chapter in New Orleans.
Oswald could not articulate the difference between a Marxist Leninist and a communist.
See The WDSU and Latin Listening post interviews.
Oswald makes himself memorable by taking a weapon into a consulate embassy.
Bill Harvey was the bridge between the criminal CIA and Roselli.
Despite Soviet and Cuban documentation having been handed over , in recent years,
No evidence handed over by the Mexican government on the Mexico City incidents.
The spies who spied on the spies.
What does Oswald in Mexico city tell us about the JFK assassination? Strangeness?
Bill Simpich is a great researcher that Chuck endorses.
Mary Ferrell Foundation

For More Info. on Oswald in Mexico City , The JFK assassination , and much more :




Osawld Mexico City JFK
The Ochelli Effect-2017-08-10
The Ochelli Effect with Carmine Savastano and Bill Simpich

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