JFK Lancer Conference 2017 Details

JFK Lancer Conference 2017 Details

The Ochelli Effect 8-24-2017 Larry Hancock + Carmine Savastano : JFK Lancer Conference 2017 Details

From The Lancer Website : http://jfklancer.com/Dallas2017/2017welcome.html#speakers

“DISCONNECTION” // Why This Conference is so Unique
The perennial question of JFK research is, “”When will they release the rest of the JFK documents””? A great many people have anticipated that when the withheld documents in the government’s JFK records collection are finally released, the quest will be over. – Some even seem to expect that the release will actually confirm that the government was aware of a conspiracy at the heart of the assassination and that the knowledge will finally be revealed. Others truly do not understand that literally millions of pages of records have already been released to the public domain, and that decades of Freedom of Information Work by researchers has already added substantially to that body of information.

All Three of the speakers on this podcast are schediled to present at The JFK Lancer Conference this year

We outline speakers and describe in a general sense what the purpose and experience will be like in Dallas for 2017.

A description and past presenters are also discussed. Publications that Only Lancer could have produced are also spotlighted. Chuck describes a few of his favorites.

JFK Lancer Conference 2017 Details

The following is also from the LANCER website : http://jfklancer.com/Dallas2017/2017welcome.html#speakers

2017 Conference Speakers
Russ Baker
Malcolm Blunt

Alan Dale

Brian Edwards

Chris Gallop

Larry Hancock

David Josephs
Andrew Kreig

Michael Mercades

Mary Ann Moorman Krahmer

Jeff Morely

Gary Murr

John Newman
Chuck Ochelli

Casey J. Quinlan

Randolph H. Robertson M.D.

Carmine Savastano

Gary Shaw

Bill Simpich

Stu Wexler

JFK Lancer Conference 2017 Details

JFK Lancer Conference 2017 Details

Some of the elements of the diverse group of speakers are explored during the show but they do not entirely reflect or begin to represent the true nature of the level of information that one will be able to obtain at this years conference. JFK Lancer Conference 2017 Details



Larry Hancock

JFK Lancer Conference 2017 Details

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