jfk assassination truth panel

It has been nearly fifty-five years since the public execution of the thirty-fifth President of the United States. In over half a century multiple official inquiries have failed to solve the crime adequately. What is the state of the state regarding progress in records releases and amalgamations of efforts aimed at the truth? Assembled on The Ochelli Effect is a panel of individuals who have been congregated together for the first time in one presentation. The unique group consisting of Rex Bradford, Bill Simpich, Carmine Savastano, Bill Kelly, and Chuck Ochelli, have as individuals sought to educate the public in their own ways. What is the JFK Records Collection Act of 1992? Who was Lee Harvey Oswald in context? How can a newcomer engage in making progress on the case? How have the resources for would-be researchers evolved? Are there organizations devoted to solving the case? How have recent document releases affected the trajectory of the available evidence? Can this be resolved in our lifetimes? Is The National Archives doing its job? Why does a fifty-five-year-old unsolved murder matter today? These questions and many more are answered during the discourse.

jfk assassination truth panel
Bill Kelly
Bill Simpich
Rex Bradford
Carmine Savastano


jfk assassination truth panel

The Ochelli Effect 5-17-2018 Rex Bradford – Bill Kelly – Bill Simpich – Carmine Savastano

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jfk assassination truth panel