JFK Assassination Research History

The Ochelli Effect 11-21-2019 Carmine Savastano and Larry Hancock

JFK Assassination Research History

On the 56th anniversary of the assassination of the 35th President of The United States, Carmine Savastano and Larry Hancock joined Chuck to discuss where the research community has been and is going.

Larry set the agenda for this Ochelli Effect episode with a timeline sent to Carmine and Chuck in an e-mail.

JFK Assassination Research History

(begin Larry’s text)
State of the Case

First Generation / Pursuing anomalies and inconsistencies 63-67

Two types of activity.

Some first-generation researchers were triggered by things they heard or
saw (primarily in Dallas) that seemed contrary to what was coming down
officially – they began to interview people and record inconsistencies.
Local folks like Jim Marrs, Gary Shaw, Connie Kritzberg (several Dallas
reporters who knew Ruby were quite skeptical) and outsiders who primarily
came from NYC and the east coast to interview people. A great deal of
their work got written up in Jerry Rose’s publications

The second group was primarily Warren Commission report critics – led
by Sylvia Magher. Harold Weisberg. They deconstructed the report itself,
finding issues, and inconsistencies and in particular challenges to Oswald
as the lone shooter. To a large extent, they deconstructed the WC legal
case and did huge damage to the chains of evidence based on the
information in the WC report itself.

Second Generation / Conspiracy theories 67-80

The second wave of work was driven by the Garrison inquiry and subsequently
the HSCA. To a large extent, this focused on Oswald and his associations
with government agencies and potential suspects. Enough information
was surfaced to clearly show he was not simply a lone nut and that a
serious cover-up had been put in place – about Oswald and the
government response to the assassination. The cover-up was exposed and
that implied conspiracy.

This produced the first serious wave of conspiracy books and scenarios –
with a lead from Blakey, primarily focusing on the mob but with the movie
Executive Action introducing the first Deep State scenario.

Third Generation Free the Records 93-current

Triggered by books like that of Jim Marrs and from Stone’s movie, this
generation focused on records releases and produced the ARRB collections.
To this point, additional records have confirmed all the suspicions in
regard to a cover-up involving positioning Oswald as a lone shooter/nut
and to a controlled suppression of evidence ranging from the autopsy to
evidence collected in Dallas and elsewhere. Conferences over the decades
from the mid-’90s on generally focused on the sharing of revelations
from records research.

Most of the books written by the third generation authors have either
focused on evidence suppression and further efforts to deconstruct the
official case against Oswald. To some extent, it evolved into several
efforts centered on championing Oswald’s innocence. The recent moves to
Mock Trials are an example of that.

Fourth Generation Fragmentation Contemporary

At this point, with the vast majority of records released, and
strong cases made for obfuscation, suppression of evidence and the lack of
a serious investigation of conspiracy, JFK research has largely fragmented
into posturing over various scenarios and suspects – within two
frameworks, either that of rogue or Deep State action.

It’s pretty much devolved into an argument over who did it – largely
based on individual political agendas and world views…..anti-CIA,
anti-military, anti-Deep State, anti-Mob (less of that). People are
lining up behind whichever author or poster seems to support their orientation
(much like the rest of American life).
(end Larry’s text)

JFK Assassination Research History

Carmine Savastano

Larry Hancock

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JFK Assassination Research History