JFK Assassination Myths 13

The Ochelli Effect 1-18-2018 Carmine Savastano , Rob Clark , Steve Roe

Yeah ,  JFK Assassination Myths 13 is the latest effort to clear the wreckage of non-sense away from the real evidence related to the murder of the thirty-fifth  President of the United States on November 22 1963. After a bit of a test of the perceptions of the panel Rob Clark from the Lone Gunman Podcast goes from zero to light speed myth with a composite stupidity that the most stoned comic book author could not imagine after a long night at Burning man. We address the LBJ and Bush foolishness as best we can and Steve Roe helps to provide The Oswald – did – it ballast. When first imagined the series was to contain 10 episodes , but JFK Assassination myths continue to fester , evolve and echo in the chambers of the inter-nets. This is the 2 hour version of the show where we cut most of the music but it does not contain the entire show because we ran overtime.

JFK Assassination Myths 13

Carmine’s Links

Reference 1: The LBJ Myths
Reference 1: House Select Committee on Assassinations, Segregated CIA file, Box 47, FBIS article entitled Johnson benefitted from JFK death, November 23, 1966, pp. 1-2, 1993: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=104466#relPageId=2

Reference 2: Federal Bureau of Investigation, JFK Headquarters File (62-109060), Section 36, December 26, 1963https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=62287#relPageId=44&tab=page

Reference 3: President Commission Document 14, FBI Kitchel Report of 25, November 1963 re: Phone call details, Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, George Bush and James Parrot Memo, November 22, 1963, pp. 1-2 https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10415#relPageId=8&tab=page

Reference 4: Pres. Com. Doc. 301, FBI Gemberling Report of 18 Dec 1963 re: Assassination of President Kennedy, Memo Re: James Milton Parrot, November 22, 1963

Reference 5: A Plaza full of Mirrors, https://www.tpaak.com/a-plaza-full-of-mirrors/

Chuck’s Links

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JFK Assassination Myths 13

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 JFK Assassination Myths 13