JFK 55 MLK 50 RFK 50

The Ochelli Effect 11-1-2018 Carmine Savastano

Sinister History continues on The Ochelli Effect. Sinister Reality is throwing rocks while rifles are being readied.

Nearly 55 years since the JFK assassination and more than 50 years since the murders of MLK and RFK the search for truth and justice is still in progress.

A bloody nose caused an early break in the broadcast.

Chuck and Carmine discuss the progress made and stalled in the three assassinations covered in Two Princes and a King.

Savastano will be presenting this year at the Lancer Conference. The presentation will be titled: RFK – “Other Suspects”

The common element of peace and the context of the 1960s are part of the discussion.

The huge difference in media and its role in the zeitgeist of the last half-century are also described.

We will hear from Carmine again after he goes to Dallas.

Other previous Ochelli Effect guests at the conference will include:
Larry Hancock
William Matson Law
Jim Jenkins
Bill Simpich
Rex Bradford
Stu Wexler
John Newman
Alan Dale
Bill Kelley
Debra Conway
and Many Others

JFK 55 MLK 50 RFK 50

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Carmine Savastano

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JFK 55 MLK 50 RFK 50 – Ochelli Effect 11-1-2018 Carmine Savastano