Jeffrey Matte 102

Jeffrey Matte 5-7-2019

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Jeffrey’s notes:

Today I’m discussing the concept that the USA = The REPUBLIC was lost at the bare minimum 1871. The US is now a Corporate Democracy, not a Republic. The US flag today is correctly displayed vertically as indicated on the side of a Major NASA building as well as the Capitol building. It’s similar to the image of the Mercury Dime with its Fasces. Notice that the Axe head is on the left. The same with the US flag as well as the military salute is a representation of a Fasces. The 13 red and white stripes represent a bundle of sticks the original 13 colonies.

I also discuss how the presidential medal of freedom to Tiger Woods. I humbly ask that the current president consider Jordan Maxwell as a genuine recipient of this honor. He has fought for Freedom for over 60 years. If you know how to reach President Trump and can inform him of this fine American. He continues to work 24/7/365 to promote education and what the founding father did when the Republic was born.

Also, I mentioned President Trump talk truth about the relationship of the UN with the US. Skip to 10:20 to here the statement I’m referring to. it only for about 1 minute.

In the second hour, I talk about how the Obama administration gave away the Internet to the UN. Please watch the video of a Cyber Expert.

Here is an example of how the Media creates confusion about this factual event by discrediting the act and individual talking about it.

If you want to know more about the fasces here is an important video and please notice the rods are black which means control in my INT COLOR CODE.

It’s called the SPEAKERS MACE = FASCES….. Comprised of 13 rods to bring about order and control to an unruly member in Congress.

I humbly request that President Trump take action and produce an executive order to ban the word Minority from all State and Federal forms to eliminate bias and second class citizens in America.

Also please bring a bill into law or sign an executive order to make it illegal to not accept cash at any vendor at every level.

If you want to know more about my research please visit my website. and more importantly please WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Also… please support the Ochelli network. Any form of a donation to him is most appreciated. Freedom of speech prevails at this communication point.

Thank you for your time and attention. You are appreciated.

Jeffrey Matte 102

Jeffrey Matte 102

(Producers Notes)
If Mr. Matte humbly believes that POTUS Trump would dare to honor a legitimate deserving hero like Jordan Maxwell or acknowledge anything that is not of obvious political benefit to his personal con-man agenda, I humbly request that Mr. Matte not hold his breath. It is up to those of us that value Jordan’s contributions to our personal educations to truly honor him and his work. I would love to see Mr. Maxwell get 100 medals, but in my humble opinion, it is far more meaningful an honor to spread his work and do work of our own inspired by him that ensures his legacy for those people who do not wish to perish from a lack of knowledge. – Chuck Ochelli –

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Jeffrey Matte 102 – Jeffrey Matte 5-7-2019