Jeffrey Matte 101

Jeffrey Matte 4-2-2019

Ochelli.Com Presents: JEFFREY MATTE live

(Notes from Jeffrey Matte)

I’m am pleased to announce I will be speaking to you on the Ochelli network one a month on the first Tuesday of the month from 6-8 EST.

All the material I discuss is my opinion and is up to the listener to make up his or her own mind about the caliber and validity of the research. On my website, I put picture slide presentations to assist those doing research only and the site is designed to be an aggregate of news and hidden trends in the news and unusual patterns.
Each page is the best I could find on the net for the beginner all the way to the more seasoned researcher. Each topic may seem separate but they are all interconnected.

I welcome feedback and you can do so on the contact page.

Tonight I discussed the severity of how AI is developing and the possible scope of its use and ultimately to help be the new prison guard and replacement of the individual’s destiny when it comes to free choice.

For more info and reference work please visit my website.

Jeffrey Matte has been a guest on Chuck’s show along with a very few other shows with an alternative thought process in mind. It seems as though Jeffrey is a much better presenter of his research and thoughts when unhindered by a talk show host. With that in mind and a desire to see Mr. Matte heard in the best circumstances, it seemed beyond debate that Jeffrey Matte should simply do his own show to convey his work.

Jeffrey Matte 101

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Jeffrey Matte 101 – Jeffrey Matte 4-2-2019