Jeffrey Epstein Opperman Connection

The Ochelli Effect 7-17-2019 Ed Opperman

How is Ed Opperman connected to the Jeffrey Epstein saga?

This part of The W Odin’s Day Broadcast Chuck welcomed Private Investigator/Broadcaster Ed Opperman. Chuck started the discussion explaining why he respects Ed and Opperman reveals that the two men actually consult each other privately regarding interview subjects from time to time.

Ed has done professional work connected to the Jeffrey Epstein saga and has recently exposed some of what he knows after being released from a non-disclosure agreement. The speculation about the Epstein operation heard on previous shows regarding blackmail is mentioned. Ed has been on this story since 2013.

Chuck also discusses with Ed the media reactions to the latest alleged outrages seeming to kill the coverage, and sudden funding of allegedly independent media in 2015 and now. As usual, the entire show is unfiltered and informative.

After Oppermans time on the show, Chuck talked about his general view of the latest trend in the “How Racist Is It?” game in the MSM. How bad is the system? What level of denial and confirmation bias mixed with true prejudice does the average Trumpet have to reach in order to be a supporter of Donald J Trump and insist on licking the boots of the Establishment?

Jeffrey Epstein Opperman Connection


Jeffrey Epstein Opperman Connection

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Jeffrey Epstein Opperman Connection – The Ochelli Effect 7-17-2019 Ed Opperman