Jeff From New York Part One

The Ochelli Effect 3-18-2020 Jeff From N.Y.

Jeff From New York Part One

This is the first part of an intended series of discussions with a man we will call Jeff From New York. Jeff claims he is a victim of an organized effort against him. What is the program? Where and when did it begin?

Chuck rarely has discussions about gang stalking, targeted individuals, or subjects that approach these concepts. Some who have made similar assertions to Chuck privately have never made it to the show. The reasons why are discussed.

Jeff is rational and appears to be suffering in Chuck’s estimation and some aspects of Jeff’s story were examined off-air.

Chuck finds Jeff credible and wishes to explore his story along with you the listener. If trauma is real or imagined it is certain that in either case damage to the victim or individual who believes they are a victim is a certainty.

Could Jeff’s story be the product of mental illness alone? Could there be other explanations for Jeff’s story in whole or part? Will the entire account be a mild example of a terrible hidden truth?

We ask that you reserve judgment and we take a journey together through the details to see what we can learn and teach ourselves and others about various topics that will be touched upon during this series of LIVE radio shows that will become podcasts.

There will be some rather dark and ugly subject matter covered. As this series progresses this will likely become more profound and intense. Feel free to e-mail questions and comments to

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Jeff From New York Part One

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Jeff From New York Part One – The Ochelli Effect 3-18-2020 Jeff From N.Y.