Jeepers Creepers 7he 6oy

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The Age of Transitions 9-27-2019 JG Michael

(Aaron’s Notes)
AOT 247

JG Michael, the host of the Parallax Views podcast, comes on the show to talk with Aaron about a wide range of topics on this two-hour edition of The Age of Transitions radio show.

topics include: 7he 6oy documentary, The Boy, Nathan Forest Winter, Victor Salva, sexual abuse, Me Too, Jeepers Creepers, film, media, Qanon, conspiracy theories, political extremism, racism, fascism, Carroll Quigley, demands of everyday life, truth movement, entrepreneurship, institutions

Jeepers Creepers 7he 6oy

(Producers Notes)

I was called upon to fill a few minutes during the show.
This was not my idea.
I think a twitter poll might be in order, regarding if I should or should not be heard on Aaeon’s shows.
This is a strange one.
Is anybody surprised when JG shows up that things get odd?
Two hours of Aaron this week.
Who knew that Aaron and I had The Obsolete Man in common?
I think Robin didn’t curse this time.
No Uncle, but we still had fun.
What in hell was that noise?
JG said it was a hot tub after the show.
Quigley is outdated.
Do we need to adjust The Me Too paradigm for males?
Stigma Stigmata.
Conspiracy culture has been hijacked.
The dark night of the Scarecrow was a thing.
This is certainly a different show than we usually get from Aaron.

Jeepers Creepers 7he 6oy

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Jeepers Creepers 7he 6oy – The Age of Transitions 9-27-2019 JG Michael