Itunes Reviews Paradise Burning

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Trans Resister Radio and Uncle LIVE 11-9-2018

Show Notes by Aaron Franz

TRR 207

Aaron reads reviews of Trans Resister Radio written by listeners and posted to iTunes. He also talks to producer Chuck about making media, audience participation, and online activities in general

topics include: iTunes reviews, listener feedback, communication, podcasting, broadcasting, live radio, hosting a show, encouragement, audience participation, communication, listening to podcasts at work, underemployment, YouTube comments, Twitter, life in the First World

Utp 113

Uncle starts the show off with a typical dollar store beer review and moves on to a rousing conversation with his favorite caller, SunshineOn. Uncle and Aaron learn that they have a lot to do before they go out on their next camping trip.

topics include: Baja Brewing Co Blonde Ale, dollar store, camping, wildfires in Malibu, the desert, survivalist skills, trapping jackrabbits, California, Ed McMahon, Vince McMahon

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Producer notes for Itunes Reviews Paradise Burning:

In this episode, Aaron shows appreciation for his fans new and old. We discuss the Twitter game. YouTube comments don’t count. Uncle continues to shine with Sunshine. Plus he asks his favorite caller on a camping trip. Fridays are always fun with these guys.

Itunes Reviews Paradise Burning

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