Italian History Medici

The Ochelli Effect 7-5-2018 Carmine Savastano

Carmine Savastano returns Thursday. The beginning of the discussion is off topic. What do both Carmine ab\nd Chuck think about the protester at The Statue of Liberty? What do they both think of the current wave of protests? There is a clear difference between their views.
Should public people remain protected from the public? When is it right to break the law? Is Chaos inevitable in the current social climate?
Assassination, Royalty, and banking are just part of the story. Influence via the patronage of the arts coupled with blessings from many Popes helps forge the narrative tracing the rise and fall of the Medici.
The plots and many conspiracy theories only begin to hint at the depth of a family that contributed to the history and character of what is called Italy today.
How sinister is this history? Plenty of murder is within the story. We encourage you to look deeper into the topic.

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Italian History Medici

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Italian History Medici