Israeli Palestinian Atrocity Scale

The Ochelli Effect 5-19-2021 Spent Kent

Israeli Palestinian Atrocity Scale

According to some War Crimes are fine as long as they are against certain people. This was the center of the conversations on The Wednesday Night Roundtable.

Chuck started the Wednesday show with an update on Spent Kent getting a shot. There will be more about this soon.

Vance called in to discuss The apartheid-like criminal nation-state currently known as, Israel. Jimmy James called in to tell Kent, Vance, and Chuck that they were completely wrong about the conflict and that there was no reality to their descriptions.

Chuck disagreed with Jimmy and tried to explore his point of view. Is Chuck completely wrong about what he says? Is Jimmy’s opinion which is shared by most Americans that have an opinion on the issue a result of misinformation?

Jimi Said that IDF doesn’t open fire on civilians and legitimate Military killing terrorists is what we are seeing:

Even John Oliver the MSM Stooge gets it!

Notes From Vance:

Some coverage of the Israel abominations.
Robert Inlakesh is one of my go-to guys on this.

This last one goes into the Fort Detrick stuff at the end.

A little poem I wrote…
No man is my enemy
Only ideology
My own hands
imprison me
Love set me free
Love set me free
The key to freedoms peace
begins with empathy.

Peace, V





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Chuck on Mystical American Patriots Society Podcast:

Israeli Palestinian Atrocity Scale

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