Isolation Nation Next Right Turn

Isolation Nation Next Right Turn

Isolation Nation Next Right Turn

The Ochelli Effect 8-29-2017 with Mike Swanson & Aaron Franz


Donald Trump’s Coming October Man Made Crisis

Mike Swanson begins giving us a background on earlier business friendly POTUS , and recounts media reports describing the current landscape under Agent Orange AKA Trump.  Does the head of Fox Broadcasting pull strings on the trump puppet? Or is it just the alt/Right and wannabe Nazi Party? Isolation Nation Next Right Turn. SEE ARTICLE : 

Much more is covered first hour including the current TEXAS FLOOD CRISIS with Author Mike Swanson.

Isolation Nation Next Right Turn

Second Hour we meet Aaron Franz from : 

Isolation Nation Next Right Turn

We learn about Aarons Background in Independent Media and it turns out Mr Themes and memes  sees the landscape in just about the same way Chuck does.

How did Putin Become the Good guy? How did the Right Wingnuts crash the indie Media party? WTF???

What is Left?  the answer on that daily double is , something that actually doesn’t sxist , Alex

Isolation Nation Next Right Turn

The Ochelli Effect 8-29-2017 Mike Swanson & Aaron Franz


The Age Of Transitions

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The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-04 Independence Day with Mike Swanson and Aaron Franz


 Isolation Nation Next Right Turn

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