Irma Post Conspiracy Pizza

Irma Post Conspiracy Pizza

The Ochelli Effect 9-12-2017 Regular Joe and JP Sottile

First hour , Fan of the show and sometime guest Regular Joe, welcomes Chuck back after Hurricane Irma kept The Ochelli Effect sidelined for a few broadcasts. Joe is the perfect guy for Chuck to do a quick head check and see if the MADNESS looks the same to someone who is more sane. The pair discuss the reality of employment , and how it has gone the way of the dogs. Pizza Hut tells people when to evacuate in the face of natural disasters , and Artificial intelligence versus organic. Which one gets more play in Trumpet Merrica ? Irma Post Conspiracy Pizza ?

Second Hour , JP Sottile returns to the Ochelli Effect to nail down things the only way a NEWSVANDAL can. Rush and his idea of liberal conspiracy , the void of FOX news , Hurricanes , and other disasters are highlighted. Plus what news is missing from the news? Silent Wars. and Info Whores ? PLUS is the middle east hot or cold? unpublished genocides and much more. Fake news tactics used by other lunatics …

Irma Post Conspiracy Pizza with extra AI and Oil  , hold the real news

The Ochelli Effect 9-12-2017 Regular Joe and NEWSVANDAL JP Sottile

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Irma Post Conspiracy Pizza