Invisible Hand Code Broken

The Ochelli Effect 1-29-2019 Mike Swanson and Pearse Redmond

Tuesday is always loaded with information and insight on The Ochelli Effect.

Michael Swanson, Author of “The War State” ( ) and many other books while serving as the brain behind Wall Street Window.Com joined Chuck on a TYR’s Day going deep into the seemingly hidden connective tissue of Political and Organized Criminal infrastructures in America.

Along the way, Mike and Chuck discuss The Sopranos, Deep Space Nine, Coffee shop PACs, and the obvious gaps between the reality of the will of The People and the agenda of the money men. Is the time of people united to fight a common foe over? Is fear the eternal control mechanism? Does anyone remember the pre-911-Reality? Is Propaganda the true King Of Beers?

Porkins crashed into the second hour with Chuck leading a discussion down the long winding road of Trump’s Brain (Roger Stone) and the multiple layers of subtext in the weapons of mass media distraction via the Orange cycle of news to keep real analysis away from the latest South American game of thrones and pawns unfolding over the oil-based struggles in the Americas and what they still call The Middle East.

Meanwhile back in Gotham…

Invisible Hand Code Broken

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Meanwhile back in Gotham…

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Invisible Hand Code Broken – The Ochelli Effect 1-29-2019 Mike Swanson and Pearse Redmond