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The Ochelli Effect 11-8-2017 Aaron Franz and Regular Joe

Wodinsday? well we hit the mid-week mark with Aaron Franz and Regular Joe and wind up unpacking the dubious world of hip-hop from eminem to ICP , From Mickey Mouse to uncle the podcast and that’s just the lead-off in this unscripted idea salad. Mystical devices , secret societies and music for those in the know? Is the devil in every detail? Left wing dreamers vs. right wing wing-nuts , and is there any time to do anything but survive. Plus California seems to be a special place for cults to thrive. Then Regular listener , Regular Joe discusses why it is a waste of time to argue with the willingly ignorant. Meanwhile a bit of advice for the pursuit of happiness is shared along with Gun talk , and even a quick insight as to how the answers of the past continue to provide the same questions in the relative future , Rinse Repeat. So how about we search for some things that are actually new? Insert Clever Title Here .  Manly P Hall and the short attention span theater of the absurd also make cameos over the course of this very loose two hours. At the beginning of the show we even get a bit of listener feedback that Chuck reads badly. (Sorry Jason) There may be more but you will have to listen to get it we imagine. By the way breathe …

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