Ink Paint Beer Fans

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The Age Of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 8-16-2019

Ink Paint Beer Fans

(Aaron’s Notes)

TAOT #241

Bobby calls into the show to talk a little bit about technology, where it is headed, and what it may all mean.

topics include: Ai, machine learning, big data, quantum computing, IT, processing power, military, government, Jacques Ellul, Who Made Who, Natasha Vita-More, Max More, Lucifer, occult

Utp #148

A nonstop line of callers rolls in. Each  and every one of which is an artist. Even producer, Chuck Ochelli is in on this visual art extravaganza. He unveils his series “Blind Guy Sketching With Black Ink.” Perhaps there should one day be an Uncle (the gallery show).

topics include: art, Native American, photography, soap, Virgil Cowen, work, Sunshine On, acrylic paint, abstract, art gallery, Rattlecancollective, music, beats, aerosol paint, artists, black ink, drawing, painting

Ink Paint Beer Fans

(Producers Notes)

-In a time of strangeness, we had technical issues in the first hour.
-Aaron remastered the original file and we have both now worked on it.
-So this file is the result
-BTW, I think all the shows on the network would be greatly honored by having a cannabis strain named after them.
-Black Ink is fun and the Uncle show was a blast
-We shall do better in the future
-Don’t forget that 10 bucks USD donated to Ochelli for the rest of August 2019 entitles you to 3 hand-drawn pieces of random black ink from the blind guy. Just include a note with a mailing address on PayPal or e-mail Chuck and we’ll get all those out at the beginning of September. Every black ink piece is one-of-a-kind.

Ink Paint Beer Fans

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Ink Paint Beer Fans – The Age Of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 8-16-2019