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The Ochelli Effect 12-3-2019 Regular Joe and JP Sottile

Information Addiction Rehab Nation

Chuck and Joe continued resisting the news. Is impeachment still going on? Why is it not obvious to everyone that mentally disturbed leadership is not in place by accident? Can Joe retain any of the non-sense?

Chuck told Joe about the only TV singing contest vocalist that has ever been great, and Joe shares Chuck’s negative view od modern country music. Chuck met a new crazy cat lady. Kamala ended her campaign. Rudy is still an embarrassing Italian.

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Katie Kaden – Covers Janis Joplin:

JP Sottile arrived in the second hour. The Newsvandal described his return to earlier structures for the Rundown. JP states Trump is certain to win in 2020. What is on fire while Trump acts a fool at the NATO thing?

Oversaturation in entertainment and media of all types is discussed. JP loves all animals and revealed he is a cat guy. Perhaps there will be a rundown beyond January 2021.

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Are you not entertained? Can you not be exhausted? Will the revolution not be televised? Is Black Friday still a thing? Can two grown men share an apartment without driving each other crazy?

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Information Addiction Rehab Nation

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Information Addiction Rehab Nation – The Ochelli Effect 12-3-2019 Regular Joe and JP Sottile