import tariffs impact war trades

import tariffs impact war trades

Ochelli Effect 5-4-2018  Jim Willie

Friar’s Day Ochelli Effect begins with the force of a kicking Jackass Golden. Jim Willie, The editor in chief and founder of The Hat Trick Newsletter &, explains the stupidity of a trade war via tariffs, quickly expresses what he sees happening in the headlines, and then tells us where the oil for dollars paradigm has gone to die. Russian bread for your turkey sandwich? Where have all the dollars gone? The Saudi Prince on his American tour seems to have been a shopping spree. What was he buying? We all know many Asian countries are big players in the game of cutting edge technology, but is Germany, the silent partner that counts? Is the United States Military industrial complex the most reliable customer for newer tech that isn’t consumer grade? Import tariffs impact war trades  Asian trade agreements going big. The bricks in some walls getting built. American treasury holdings are going home. We didn’t even mention the volcano in Hawaii. Who’s got time? Much like lava cracks the ground, Jim thinks cracks in the globalist stranglehold are showing. Do Italy and recent banking revolts mean anything? Was Macron a bad choice for the French-speaking part of the Cabal? Does Jim still think the S.C. swamp is slated to be drained? Who pays for the pipelines? Currency devaluation will be a regular adjustment device. Listen and learn. Then GET The Hat Trick Newsletter…

import tariffs impact war trades

Hour 2 Chuck goes solo and breaks down the interesting language of a lawyer working for Trump whose name you may recognize. PLUS a lot more.

import tariffs impact war trades

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import tariffs impact war trades

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  1. Patricia Braunschweiler May 8, 2018 at 4:58 am - Reply

    It’s always an interesting, informative, and entertaining show with Jim Willie. He has his own special way of giving important information! Thanks, Chuck, for keeping up the great shows in spite of the fact that you don’t feel well…

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