Impeachment Act Republic Draft

The Ochelli Effect 1-15-2020 B Pete

Impeachment Act Republic Draft

B Pete did his first W Odin’s Day show with Chuck and. A lot of ground was covered with little clashing of opinions.

Chuck and B Pete both complained about Microsoft in the first few minutes. Impeachment Palooza got a quick mention. Much of hour 1 and 2 were both dominated by the discussion about a draft and how ready the military may or may not be prepared for a protracted mission.

After all the other topics, the much-needed discussion about the Patriot Act and the lack of Representation in the “Representative Republic” continuing to be an ignored problem.

How much corruption should we accept? Is the middle east where the next big war will be? Where does the true power in our governmental structure reside? Is there any interest if it has only occurred 3 times in American history that might cause anything to be accomplished by it?

I again wonder if anyone is reading these show notes. Screw you, Anderson Cooper, No one should ever trust the white media. Spoiler Warning, The new Star Wars sucked monkey balls.

The above few sentences have nothing to do with the podcast. Sometimes a man’s gotta do, what a man does. Feel free to contact us with suggestions and show ideas.


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Impeachment Act Republic Draft

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Impeachment Act Republic Draft – The Ochelli Effect 1-15-2020 B Pete