Illusions Upgrades Free Markets Falling

The Ochelli Effect 3-3-2020 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile

Illusions Upgrades Free Markets Falling

Michael Swanson informed us about how and why the stock market does what it does. Is there a real-world problem that makes the money men play the wilder card games in the Wall Street Casino? Does any of it matter to you? Is the market dropping? How Super does your Tuesday look?

The rolling thunder we hear in the distance may be the cover-up for another historical crash. Does anyone know what comes next? Has the FED run out of rope to hang everyone who isn’t independently wealthy? Might the sky fall soon? Can anything stop Bernie or the virus?

JP Sottile put his tinfoil hat on to talk to Chuck a few times. Is there a realistic data set that we have to determine how bad the Corona Virus issue could get? Is the whole thing just fear porn and ego? What happens when many illusions lapse in their constant facade duties? Is everybody gonna die JarJar?

Is Trump incompetent by design? Axios did a bad Roger Stone interview. Does anyone care about reality and the death of many brought to you by the same corporations Trump just met with to save you all from cold on steroids? Did Chris Mathews ever have balls, hard or otherwise? Has everything become a transaction void of considerations for consequences?


Illusions Upgrades Free Markets Falling

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Illusions Upgrades Free Markets Falling – The Ochelli Effect 3-3-2020 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile