Hyperbolic Identity Politics 2

The Ochelli Effect 4-18-2019 Carmine Savastano

Yes, we continued this discussion from two weeks prior. Carmine remains devoted to an optimistic view of Capitalism and the American system in general, while Chuck contends that the harsh reaction and desire to praise the American system is merely the result of indoctrination.

What about hyperbole in political discourse? Is it as dangerous and ill-informed as Chuck and Carmine appear to agree that it is? Is either side of the alleged left or right divide more guilty of hypocrisy and propaganda than the other? How brutal is the twisted capitalism of modern America? Is totalitarianism the logical product of true socialism. Does the debt based system bare any responsibility for the global condition of mankind?

Is every system convoluted beyond recognition? Is hypocrisy the grand justification for all acts of domination? Is it nature or nurture that produces people motivated to gain everything in life without regard for the destruction of many others who must suffer in order for others to thrive?

When Carmine argues about the absolutes related to Socialism is he misinformed? Is Chuck too angry at a system that has personally abused him that he can not see the good in it?

Hyperbolic Identity Politics 2

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Hyperbolic Identity Politics 2

Carmine Savastano

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Hyperbolic Identity Politics 2